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About Autism Families

Amy Phipps

Autism Families came about because of my experience as both a social worker and the mother of two young children, one of whom is autistic. 

I have worked in the field of autism for over 20 years. Since having my first child ten years ago I have been a freelance trainer, delivering the National Autistic Society's training to social workers.  I have a Masters in Social Work and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Autism.

In 2018 we discovered that my son is autistic. At that point I became not just an social care professional, but a parent trying to navigate my way through the education and social care system.  Despite all my years experience this has been hugely complicated and stressful.  Along the way I have met lots of amazing parents who are struggling to get the right support, and are often sorely lacking in the information that they need to move forward.  They are also desperate to talk to people who understand! 

I wanted to use my experience of training professionals to help families - by combining my knowledge as a social worker with my experience as a parent who has had a complicated journey through the system.  The hope is that these courses and support sessions can empower parents and carers on their own journeys, and help then build up some support networks on the way.

I hope that the blog will also be helpful, with some useful information, thoughts and ideas, as well as lots of online resources.  If nothing else I hope it will make people realise they are not alone.

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