The importance of happiness: let's make our children's well-being a priority.

Something that I have been thinking about a lot lately is happiness. There is so much focus from schools and SEN teams on meeting outcomes, managing in school (not necessarily being happy in school) and learning (neurotypical) social skills - but what about happiness? I don't mean the surface level happiness we get when we get a nice present. I mean the deeper happiness, that reflects our emotional and mental well-being. Surely this is the golden outcome we should be look

What is autism? A video for siblings

I have been thinking a lot about siblings lately. My daughter is such a little trooper - she is so positive and strong, and loves her brother so much. But things are also tricky for her. A while ago I talked to her about what would help her (and other siblings of autistic children) and one of the things she came up with was how important and helpful it is to understand a bit more about autism. So, with that in mind I have put together this video, aimed at siblings of autis

Remember the kids who aren't going back to school this week.

There has been a lot of talk in the last few months about the lost generation of children who have been unable to access school due to COVID. The loss of opportunities and education has been lamented - and rightly so. We were devastated for my daughter when schools shut again, and beyond thrilled when she went back today. On collecting her this afternoon I was told: "Mummy, this was the best day of my life". So don't think for a minute I don't get how great it is to have